Grand Solmar Gives Advice on Identifying Resale Scams

The Grand Solmar resale awareness team knows that resale scams exist, and for people who enjoy using or purchasing timeshares, there is a chance that they will run into someone who will be trying to cheat the system and other individuals. The Grand Solmar resale awareness team wants to make sure that no one falls victim to resale scams so they offer these tips for identifying these scams.

  • They ask for fees upfront: Reputable companies will not ask for fees before they have actually made any effort to sell your timeshare.
  • Guarantees that they cannot make: If you contract with someone to list and try to sell your timeshare, you have to understand that there is no guarantee that they will actually sell it. If there is no buyer, them it will not sell, those are the basic rules of economics. If the seller guarantees that they will have a buyer, it may make you more willing to fork over advance cash, so do not believe it. They may make promises, and they may be able to keep them, but there is no guarantee.
  • They offer too much money: If you are contacted someone offering to re-sell your timeshare for much more than it is worth, this is a red flag. This is once again a ploy to make the deal sound uneatable and rope you into a scam. Just remember, you can resist, and you should resist, these too good to be true offers.