Grand Solmar Resale Awareness Team Cautions People About Online Scams

Grand Solmar, a leader in exquisite vacation destinations through Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, wants people to be aware of all the scams that are online this summer. One of the most prominent scams that people may come across when looking to plan a vacation this year is people duping others out of money when it comes to timeshares.

People who are advertising timeshare resales sometimes may have a hidden agenda when they post about it online. Not only do they promote a cheaper price than intended, but often times they fib about the condition of the actual timeshare unit. Some of these problems include a different location or an exaggeration of the view that it might offer. Another issue of these units is that they might be more outdated than anticipated. The appliances and fixtures may be older than actually advertised. The Grand Solmar Resale awareness team suggests that people proceed with caution when looking into these timeshare resales this summer.

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