Grand Solmar Warns of Common Resale Scams

Grand Solmar, a leader in luxury vacation accommodations, knows that a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Nothing can interrupt those feelings more than dealing with any issues that might come up. One of the most common problems travelers find with their vacation is through timeshare resales. Here are some of the most known issues with this process, brought to you by the Grand Solmar Resale awareness team.

  1. Outdated: For anyone who is purchasing a discounted week online, travelers might not be aware that they will be missing out on some of the modern upgrades newer units offer and also won’t get to take part in many of the amenities offered. The truth is, benefit packages are frequently updated and upgraded to offer new and exciting things. A vacation that doesn’t include them will surely be frustrating, even if there were some savings involved.
  2. Unfair:Grand Solmar Resale awareness team warns that these individuals often don’t include some of the standard fees that must be paid in a transaction like this up front. So the low price that it seems at first might not even be what you pay in the end anyway.
  3. Fake: The photos of the unit are some of the most important ways to catch someone. Make sure to look and see if there is anything odd about them. Search online for duplicate photos, and also pay close attention to the floor plan or the view. Scammers may include things

Grand Solmar Resale awareness team knows that in order to experience the best vacation possible, it is better to contact a resort directly to book your vacation. That way, access to all the best events and amenities will be included, there won’t be any hidden fees and it also ensures that what you pay for is real and what you actually will be getting.

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Grand Solmar Creates Website to Inform Dangers of Internet Resales for Vacationers

Grand Solmar knows that when it comes to a vacation, having a traveler’s best interests in mind is one of the most important aspects of the industry. Whether providing guests with their dream vacations in style and service, or even offering advice on how to avoid becoming the victim of a travel scam, Grand Solmar is always trying to find ways to fill these needs.

To help keep the public well informed, the Grand Solmar Resales website will provide valuable information about how these type of transactions really work in order to avoid someone getting taken advantage of. Here is some of the most important information to remember:

1. Advertisements aren’t always truthful l- Some of the units advertised online can be quite old.

It’s very uncommon for the actual location of the unit to be revealed on one of these resale sites.

2. Perks not included – Whenever someone buys a timeshare week at one of Grand Solmar’s outstanding resorts, there are different levels of membership that range from good to outstanding benefit levels. These change and improve as the company continues to grow, so any older units usually come with older packages that are not as up-to-date as they could be since the resort and company have since updated the services that they offer.

3. Watch out for hidden fees – Whenever a resale happens, there are certain, sometimes-complex steps that need to be taken, including document notarization, taxes being paid and more. Whatever low rate these online salesmen are offering often does not include these fees and won’t end up being what the buyer actually pays in the end.

Grand Solmar hopes that this website, which will debut soon, members can avoid becoming the victim of a resale scam.

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